How To Tell If Your Partner Has Low Testosterone

Does Your Partner Suffer From Low Testosterone?

Men tend to keep their personal fears to themselves.  It’s a man thing, not wanting to seem weak or needy.  Discussing their feelings for many many is a real no no.  Health fears whatever they are tend to be ignored..CancerForward-Cancer-Survivor-Emotional-Scars-300x191

Low testosterone is one of those health issues and one that shouldn’t be ignored..  mood swings, low sex drive and weight increase are just some of the symptoms associated with Low T..

All the effects can make a man feel – well, less of a man…

Discussing how you are feeling with your partner can be difficult..

The problem is wives and girlfriends can start to blame themselves if their partners mood changes, and especially if their sex drive is noticeably less.

You could see their lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom as you own fault.  “ Am I not attractive anymore? Is he seeing someone else?”  In fact by not discussing how your feeling with your partner can cause many problems in relationships.

Here are a few tell tale signs that could help you if you suspect your partner has Low Testosterone..

He may not even realise it himself …

Three Simple Things For You To Look Out For:

  1. He is tired all the time – He is lethargic and lacks enthusiasm

Low Testosterone impacts on a man’s energy levels..  he feels unusually tired and doesn’t have the same interest in doing things.

2. He seems depressed – But you do not know why.

Low Testosterone can affect a mans moods, concentration and focus.. even without knowing it, he could feel ‘down’ and simply feel like he cannot be bothered with anything anymore.

3. Sex is off the menu – Doesn’t he fancy you anymore??

Low testosterone levels not only drain a man’s energy but will also effect his sexual desire and performance quite dramatically.. This is not the same as ED (Erectile dysfunction) which affects a man’s ability to get an erection – that doesn’t affect sexual desire.

How Can You Help?

If you suspect your partner is suffering the effects of Low T..  you need to broach the subject.. explain your worries regarding how he seems..  discuss the possibility that he may have low testosterone levels..  explain what the symptoms are encourage him to see the doctor..  a simple blood test will normally be able to confirm low testosterone levels..

If this is confirmed then you can look into the various ways to treat the problem together.

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