Axis Labs Hypertest Review

Axis Labs Hypertest Review

Just How Good Is Axis Labs HyperTest

Supplement manufacturers Axis Labs offer a natural Testosterone booster by the name of Hypertest

It promises to help guys of all ages to:51LsWXqreHL

  • Boost Libido
  • Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Build And Maintain Muscle Tone

The Formula In Hypertest

The formula is build around 3 complexes – each containing undisclosed amounts of each ingredient:

HyperLH Complex 1000mg

  • Bulgarian Tribulus ( 80% and 60% Saponins)

Hyper FT Complex 1285mg

  • Avena Sativa
  • Euricoma Longifolia
  • Urtica Dioica (nettle)
  • Maca Root
  • ZMA
  • Epimedium
  • Chrysin
  • Cnidium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Bioperine

Hyper Adaptogenic Complex 475mg

  • Eleuthero Root
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola Rosea


Take 4 capsules just before going to bed… If you workout, you can also take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to your workout…

The makers suggest that you take for at least 8 weeks and then take a 4 week break before continuing.

Users Feedback

Reviews are pretty poor, not many users reported any worthwhile gains in strength or improvements in muscle mass…

A couple of guys did report a slight increase in libido but thats about all.

Reported Side Effects

There are reports of stomach problems, diarrhoea, and rather vivid dreams from users of this product.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon



Where To Buy Hypertest

You can get Hypertest at many of the usual suppliers, Amazon, GNClivewell, Genesis Nutrition all stock.. expect to pay in the region of $56.00 – $70.00 for 120 capsules

Any Cash Back Guarantee

None Provided

Our Thoughts

Its always hard to know just how a product is going to do when he makers hide the actual amounts of each ingredient.. is there enough in there to work??

The formula leans heavily on Tribulus Terrestris, it’s certainly the largest single ingredient in the mix and for what??? Its well documented that Tribulus (although a proven libido booster) has failed miserably in numerous clinical trials to provide even a hint of increase testosterone, and yet companies like Axis Labs still insist on putting it into their testosterone boosters..

Looking through the other ingredients and ignoring the fact that we don’t know how much of anything is in each complex :

Nettle is good at controlling estrogen and SHBG.., Longjack (although banned in some countries) is a proven libido booster, Maca, Epimedium are another 2 products that do not boost testosterone but can help support libido. ZMA is proven to boost testosterone when taken in sufficient amounts

Ashwangandha is largely untested, in the few trials that have been carried out, it did manage to provide a slight increase in testosterone in men who were infertile.. otherwise healthy men when tested saw no benefits at all. It has also been shown to help boost semen levels in men who were highly stressed –

read study results here – 

Rhodiola Rosea has no documented testosterone boosting effects but has slight anti estrogenic properties – read study results here – 

Overall – Largely Underpowered – Hard To Recommend

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