Testosterone and Pheromones

Testosterone and Pheromones

Will Pheromones Boost Testosterone levels By 150% ? – We Find Out

What Are Pheromones

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals released in to the air by plants, insects and humans.  It is a response to various triggers.  When they are released they can change our immune system, Endocrine system, inflammatory system and even our reactions and personality.man-surrounded-by-women

We have always known of the so call ‘love potions’ and ‘love doctors’ who claim that pheromones help us to choose who we are attracted to..

A strange phenomenon is the age old question! Why is that some men are irresistible to women when others just don’t seem to get lucky.. ?   Could pheromones be the reason???

Common Pheromones

Androstadienone  is a metabolite of testosterone that is secreted through the sweat of a man.

Androstenone is better known as the “male pheromone” due to the fact it is mainly secreted by males.

Androstenol is known as the “female pheromone” as it is mainly secreted by women.

Estratetraenol is a metabolite of oestrogen and is secreted through the sweat of women.

Copulins are chemical pheromones present in womens’ vaginal fluid.

The Facts

It seems that clinical studies do bear out the claims of pheromones can enhance attraction in both men and women..

One study ( Read It Here -)  involved 50 men who were exposed to Copulins.. ( the pheromone released by women during ovulation)… It was demonstrated in the study that exposure to just a small amount of Copulins triggered an almost immediate increase in testosterone ( up to 150%)..

There have been other studies showing similar results :

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Study 3

Our Conclusion

We have to be honest, we were sceptical regarding the effects of pheromones but in light of scientific studies.  We have to say there may be some valid points to using them.

We are by no means saying you will become instantly insatiable and a real babe magnet, but with boosted testosterone levels a proven benefit, we think it is definitely worth a try…

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