Testosterone And Sex Drive

Testosterone And Sex Drive

How Testosterone Affects Your Sex Drive

Testosterone is our main male sex hormone, it helps and dictates our development through puberty and is responsible for many aspects of what makes us a man.. Deeper voice, Body hair, Muscle growth, strength and for9c14fd1a1c9148c98e7854ee858193ee many, the most important of all, the development of our Sex organs along with our Sex Drive

At is peak through puberty and late into our twenties, by the time we reach 30 and beyond, our natural testosterone production will reduce slowly but steadily at the rate of around 1-2% a year.

As these level deplete it can have a marked affect on our libido and sexual response. It is not however the only reason, libido can also be affected by increased stress, depression, tiredness, anxiety as well as diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is hard though, to actually determine a normal sex drive… what would be deemed to be normal or satisfactory for one man will be seen as excessive in another, so you have to take each case and compare it to how you feel about your own libido..

Ask Yourself

  • Do You Still Think About Sex?
  • Do You Still Become Aroused Easily?
  • When You Become Erect, Is The Erection Strong and Does It Last?
  • Do You Still Enjoy Sex?

If you answer no to at least two of these questions, there is every chance that you could be suffering with low testosterone levels… especially if you have no other health issues that could be causing the lack of libido.

More About Other Causes Of Low Libido

Erectile Dysfunction

On its own, low testosterone should not cause erectile dysfunction.. it may well reduce the desire or need for sex, but the physical act of getting an erection is also governed by many other aspects of your health.. Blood pressure issues, diabetes,high cholesterol as well as being really overweight can all cause erectile dysfunction.

Low Testosterone is however linked with one condition that attributes to erection problems, called athersclerosis, this is a condition that causes the arteries within the penis to harden and become less flexible.. because of this hardening,they will not expand and grow as usual when blood flow into the penis increases.. leading to a complete loss of erection or one that is weak and short-lived.

It is thought that 1 in 3 of men with ED also have low testosterone

Low Testosterone has been clinically linked with other health problems too:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Endothelial Dysfunction
  • Diabetes

Although not directly linked to their causes (or vice versa) there is a significant link between these conditions and low testosterone

If any man is suffering with reduced sex drive and he is reasonably healthy, and not obviously affected by any other condition, he will most certainly benefit from a good natural T- booster, with all the proven benefits that this treatment can deliver.

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