Testosterone Levels As We Age

Testosterone Levels As We Age

Getting Older And The Effects On Testosterone Production

The male hormone Testosterone is essential to every man..  responsible for sex drive, muscle tone and power, body hair and just about everything that is masculine.


Testosterone peaks when we are in our twenties and from the age of 30, in most cases, the levels start to wane..  A completely natural process and said by experts to deplete by 1-2% each year.

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels

How much testosterone we have in our body’s differs from man to man.  It could go a long way to explaining why some men are more muscular, some hairier and even may shed light on why some men are prone to be more aggressive than others.

If you take an average, normal levels of testosterone in the blood fall in the region of between 300-1000ng-ml.  If your levels show a lower ratio than these, you would be considered to have low testosterone.  If left unchecked you could be letting yourself in for some unwanted and in some cases detrimental side effects.  These could really impact on your quality of life.

When age is the reason for the decline, it is Free Testosterone (the type not bound in the blood to SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin) that decreases the quickest…  If you compare it to the total amount of testosterone in the blood you can see a 30% reduction over time and it is the free testosterone that could reduce by up to 50% from the ages of 25 to 70.

Hypogonadism is the medical term for this major decline in levels.

The Table below shows the average testosterone levels in men as they age from 25 up to 100 years old.


Problems Caused By Low Testosterone

There are some life changing side effects that can occur when our testosterone levels drop.. One of the first signs is often a reduction in muscle strength and tone, energy levels dip and sex drive can be affected.  Body fat can increase, especially around the middle, and can be harder to shift. From a health point of view, there are serious conditions that could be affected by low testosterone levels, including: cardiovascular issues, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

How To Treat Low Testosterone

If you have been diagnosed with Low T, your doctor will probably offer you TRT (Testosterone replacement Therapy)  this is very effective for most men, however, there have recently been concerns that drug based therapies could be could have their own risks to health.

low-test-austr-gfx2Some of the possible side effects could be a serious threat to our health – there are currently many lawsuits being filed in the USA from men who have suffered heart attacks and strokes after using drug based TRT treatments.

With concerns over the risk of serious health conditions due to using drug based TRT, many men are looking at natural testosterone boosting supplements as a way to increase their Testosterone levels.  With minimal side effects if any, it seems a a sensible option to consider.

Natural Testosterone Boosters work by encouraging the body to produce higher levels of our own natural testosterone – drug based treatments use a synthetic testosterone that can trigger adverse reactions.

By using our body’s natural mechanism to produce testosterone, there is a much lower risk of the body reacting and causing adverse side effects.

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