Can Prescription Testosterone Therapy Cause Strokes

Precsription Testosterone Therapy – Linked With Strokes and Heart Attacks

Testosterone therapy has reached massive proportions worldwide.  With the US alone realising a 500% increase since 2000 for prescriptions.  This has created $1.6 billion market value through 5.3 million prescriptions being issued each year.

Risks Of Treatment

Its been revealed that a staggering 30% of TRT patients are more likely to suffer a 228_coi-stroke-awareness-man-pic-2000000001stroke, heart attack or even die as a direct result of drug based testosterone treatments.

These worrying facts were brought to light in the Journal Of The American Medical Association.

There are currently many law suits being filed against manufacturers, products including Androgel and Testim with some users claiming they suffered serious illness as a direct result of taking prescription testosterone drugs.  Conditions such as heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

These treatments have been approved by the FDA, but the makers behind these therapies have driven the point home as to their effectiveness in reviving mens strength, muscle, energy and sex drive..with constant hard selling advertising..

It begs the question ‘have they lost sight of the fact that they may not suit everyone..?’

With over prescribing becoming worryingly common, do the risk factors really get the publicity they deserve..  Very easy to advertise a product and scale down the possible side effects amid stunning results and attractive sales talk.

Manufacturers need to make all possible adverse effects and possible health problems transparent in every aspect.


The general consensus is that this therapy is simply over prescribed and should be reigned in.

t-prescription-e1326258872584Many men experience the symptoms of Low Testosterone, including tiredness, erection difficulties and general lack of concentration..  these symptoms could be caused by other condition such as thyroid disorder or vitamin B12 deficiency..

Prescription are without doubt an important part of low T treatment and in many cases, the best course of action..  Doctors have just been advised to look further into the patients suitability before prescribing drug based testosterone therapy.

Doctors have also been advised to give patients regular check ups while they are undergoing TRT.

Clinical Studies – Linking Stroke and Vascular Illness to TRT

Various studies have been carried out that have proved there is a link between TRT and Potentially harmful health risks:

Studies have shown that a blood disorder called polycythemia could be caused by prescription testosterone therapy.  When the blood red cell count and haemoglobin increases, the blood thickens along with higher blood pressure occurring..  the end result of this could cause blood clots to develop.


Thromboxane production which causes blood vessels to constrict, can reduce blood flow even further.  Another possible TRT side effect.

In as little as a month, blood clots could begin to form – A study published in the August 2013 edition  of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis showed that 1.2% of men admitted to hospital with blood clots were developed in the first 12 weeks of testosterone treatment.

FDA Review

The FDA have announced after the conclusion of these studies that they are ucm218078investigating the risks of these treatments and other health problems.  They have, to date, not advised men who are taking TRT to stop taking the drug.  They are suggesting patients make an informed decision on whether they will suit the therapy, bearing in mind the possible risks to health.

Research is ongoing and while it is, patients need to be more aware of how they are feeling while taking the treatment.

Natural Alternative TRT Treatments

There is no doubt that for some men drug based testosterone therapies are not an option..  For those it might be time to consider Natural testosterone supplements. With a proven track record and minimal risk to the user, certainly an alternative worth considering.

Natural T boosters work in unison with your own body to encourage boosted production of natural testosterone..  because there are no chemical based drugs included in these therapies, there is no risk to your health.

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