GNC PP Hybrid Test Review

GNC PP Hybrid Test Review

 GNC PP Hybrid Test – Does It Really Boost Testosterone

Australia’s favourite supplement store has added a new testosterone booster to their range.. called GNC PP Hybrid Test, it promises to help men of all ages by main_2176boosting:

  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Energy Levels
  • Libido

The Formula In GNC PP Hybrid Test

The formula in GNC PP Hybrid Test is fully disclosed – a refreshing change to those many companies that hide the full formula behind those all to common phrases such as ‘proprietary blend or complex’

Each serving delivers

  • Tribulus Terrestris (dry fruit) 1000mg
  • Testofen Fenugreek               600mg

Taking GNC PP Hybrid Test

The suggested daily dose is 3 capsules.. there is no information from GNC on whether to take together or spread through the day.

www_gnc_com_graphics_product_images_pGNC1-14980682_gnclabel_pdf_pdfUsers Feedback

There are no user reviews on the official website Looking elsewhere one review on Amazon claimed that they had seen no results after 4 weeks…another review on the US based was inconclusive too.

Any Reported Side Effects

There are no reported side effects, and with these two ingredients it’s not likely to cause any adverse reactions.

Where To Buy GNC PP Hybrid Test

In Australia is the best source but it is also available from other suppliers such as Amazon.. expect to pay $ 89.99 for 90 capsules (one month supply)

Any Guarantees?

There are no cash back guarantees offered

Our Thoughts

This one is hard to gauge, with virtually no independent user reviews, the only way that we can ascertain the products effectiveness is by taking a good look at the ingredient profile.

With two ingredients in the mix, GNC have definitely kept it simple… Fenugreek, when taken in the correct amounts has shown a positive T-boosting effect in clinical trials…

On the other hand Tribulus Terrestris has despite numerous clinical tests has failed at all levels to provide any increase in testosterone, the only benefit that this ingredient can offer is libido support.

Lacking On Many Levels!!

GNC PP Hybrid Test is a very simple natural supplement that could offer very minor benefits to some users…. just one of the ingredients has any proven T-boosting benefits and overall most users will find it lacking on many levels… for the price its way too expensive for what you are actually getting and for our money – we would recommend that you look elsewhere.

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