How To Cure Erection Problems With A Vacuum Pump

Has Low Testosterone Caused You To Have Erection Problems? A Vacuum Penis Pump Can Help!

low testosterone erection problems

If you are a man of a certain age and have started having difficulties getting or keeping a solid erection, you could well be experiencing the first symptoms of reduced testosterone. 

Its a natural process that effects all men once they get into their mid to late  30’s and beyond, experts tell us that from this age, testosterone production naturally starts to reduce by around 1-2% per year.

Low testosterone can cause many different symptoms, lack of energy, increased belly fat, poor sleeping habits, bad moods and for many men, the most upsetting is reduction in their sex drive and erection capability.

It’s a frustrating and embarrassing thing to have to deal with, and can leave the man feeling very inadequate.

Now the first thing that you might think of is to go and see your doctor and get some Viagra, now this is a reasonable thing to consider, but bear this in mind, yes Viagra is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs ever, it is estimated that one tablet is taken every 6 seconds somewhere in the world.

Viagra can be very effective, but it does have a couple of downsides, in it its full strength form, can only legally be obtained after a doctors prescription, (there are now some OTC versions available that are weaker). 

This on its own is embarrassing because your doctor will usually want to discuss your sex life and even possibly carry out an intimate examination just to make sure that there isn’t another reason for your problems.

The main reason for caution however is the fact that Viagra has been linked to some unpleasant and possibly nasty side effects, now these do not effect most users in any way, but nevertheless, taking it can put you at risk of:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Disturbed Vision (your vision turns blue)
  • Stomach Problems
  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Increase Risk Of Heat Attacks and Stroke

The Good News Is This – You Do Not Have To Take Pills To Boost Your Erections – A Penis Vacuum Pump Will Do The Trick – and Without Any Side Effects

What Is A Penis Vacuum Pump?

types of penis pumps

A Penis Vacuum pump is a medically approved way of boosting erection strength, size and power without the need for any pills. 

Furthermore, they are usually instant in their effects, unlike pills that take an hour or so to get to work, a pump will usually deliver a powerful erection in a couple of minutes or even less.

A Penis pump is made from a cylindrical chamber with a bellows or hand pump attached. It is placed over the penis and then the air inside is draw out either by pumping the device up and down on the bellows or by hand pumping a squeezable ball pump.

As the air is removed from the chamber, a vacuum is formed inside, this acts on the penis by helping to draw blood into the penis allowing to to swell and become firmly erect.

Its a very simple process, but its effects have been proven to help produce stable, solid erections that are also visibly longer and thicker, allowing the man to have mutually enjoyable sexual intercourse

The Different Types Of Penis Pump

There are a number of different types of these devices out there, most of them fall into one of two categories. These that use air and the ones that rely on water to produce the vacuum.

Air pumps are the simplest form of vacuum pump, simply removing the air inside the device places the penis under the vacuum that drawer blood into the penis, producing that sought after erection.

Now while these types are usually effective, there is one risk associated with them. When under the pressure of the vacuum, there is nothing inside the device to help support or protect the penis and there have been cases of the device being over pressurised which has caused the penis to twist or bend under the pressure, causing damage to the tissue within.

This has resulted in some cases of permanent injury to the penis.

The other type is a hydro or water based vacuum pump. Working in the same way as air based pumps with one difference, These devices are designed to be used in the shower, or bath.

Filled with warm water before being placed over the penis, the device is then pumped to remove any residual air and some of the water, to again place the penis under a vacuum.

Just as with air based pumps, the vacuum forces blood into the penis to produce a solid, long lasting erection.

The Difference Between Air And Hydro Penis Pumps

using a hydro penis pump

The key difference is that the warm water in the device, both protects and supports the penis, it also relaxes the internal soft tissues, allowing for more blood to flow into the penis. 

This helps to make erections stronger and usually visibly larger as more blood than normal flows into the penis.

Furthermore the water helps to support and protect the penis while under the vacuum pressure, this safeguards it against any potential injury.

Initially the results last until ejaculation, with the penis returning to its normal size, but studies have shown that with regular data use of between 15 and 20 minutes, the increase in size can become permanent.

The reason for this can be compared to how a bodybuilder grows his muscles in the gym – by exercising regularly, he places his muscles under pressure.

Under the pressure of the weights he is lifting, the internal cells in the muscles develop micro tears, and separate from each other. The body responds naturally by producing additional tissue cells to repair the tears and reconnect the cells to make them larger. 

Over a period of time this adds increased mass to the muscles. 

When using a penis pump daily your penis will respond in the same way, slowly the body will build more tissue cells which adds mass (length and girth) to the penis.

Most experts agree that using a hydro (water based) pump is the safest and most effective.

Can You Suggest Or Recommend A Penis Pump?

There are many different pumps out there, with prices to suit all budgets. 

My advice is to buy the best that you can afford, I personally wouldn’t trust my most prized asset to a cheap $20 pump. 

I would always recommend buying a decent device, one that will last you a lifetime and also deliver good results with maximum safety.

The penis pump that I would personally recommend is made by Penomet, one of the best selling devices of its kind, its a hydro pump so is designed to be used in the bath or shower.

Penomet Penis Pump Reviews

It’s been showered with industry awards for its design and effectiveness, it’s suitable for all sizes of penis and comes with a whole range of accessories.

Penomet has been proven to deliver great results including:

  • Greatly improved erection strength and staying power
  • With daily use, a permanent increase in both length and girth
  • Reduction of penile curvature


Penomet is a hydro pump, as explained above, it harnesses the power of warm water to support and protect the penis while under the vacuum. This helps to boost results and ultimately provides a more comfortable pumping experience.

The chamber is a good size that will fit all penis sizes, a key factor that sets it apart from other pumps is the fact that it has variable working pressures, most devices only have one maximum pressure which can be quite limiting to the results. 

Imagine being a body builder and going to the gym to do just one exercise with one set of fixed weights, your results wouldn’t be that good. 

To get maximum results and permanent growth you need to vary the pressure that your penis is placed under.

The range of Penomet devices are supplied with up to 5 interchangeable bellow gaiter pumps that provide varying working pressures. This helps to vary and increase the results dramatically.

genome different working pressures

There are also a number of useful accessories that enhance the use of the device – If you intend to use the Penomet in the shower, a must have is the shower strap* as it makes the entire process a hands free operation

*The shower strap is available to buy separately but is provide as part of the Premium Package.

Buying Penomet in Australia

The manufacturers have distribution centres across the world and ship daily throughout Australia, and new Zealand.

You can place your order directly from the official website – Click Here

Orders are shipped quickly and are discreetly packaged so no-one will know what’s inside the package, there are a number of packages available, all included the latest man 3 device but defending on what you choose, also have additional bellows gaiter pumps (made from medical grade silicone) providing varying working pressures.

The entry level Standard pack is the Penomet MK 3 device and one std pressure gaiter – this will cost you AUD $186.25 ( US $127.00)*

The middle package is the Extra Package – this contains the MK 3 Penomet device and three variable gaiter bellows – this will cost you AUD $ 288.91 ( US $197.00)*

The top of the range package is the Premium Package, this gets you the MK3 Penomet device, all 5 Pressure gaiter pumps and the very useful shower strap

This will cost you AUD $ 435.56 (US $297.00)*

*Conversion from US $ to AU $ correct at times writing

Cash Back Guarantee

Penomet provide all buyers with a lengthy cash back guarantee, if you try and use Penomet for 60 days as directed and fail to see any improvement in erection strength, power of size, you can return the device back to Penomet for a full refund.

Bottom Line

If you have suffered from erection problems but don’t really want to take any pills, then a pump is a great device to have… 

The Penomet is one of the best in the world and we certainly recommend it to all our readers

Find Out More At The Official Penomet Website – Click Here

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