How To Talk To Your Doctor About Low Testosterone

Is It Time To Talk To Your Doctor About Low Testosterone

Feeling constantly tired? Do you feel your sex drive is waning or perhaps you feel depressed.  These are all symptoms we more often than not put down to stress, pressures at work, the list is endless.  It could be none of the above!  If you are aged 30 + it could be that you are suffering the effects of reduced 144683051-stestosterone levels.

Our testosterone levels are at their best in our 20’s..  From the age of 30 we lose, on average, around 1%-2% of our testosterone each year.  By the time we reach middle age, our levels are around half of what they were in our youth.  Some men may notice very little change in themselves (if any) for some, the effects of lower levels of this vital hormone can be very debilitating.

Studies show that between 10 to 25% of all men over 30 in Australia could be suffering the effects of low testosterone, with as many as 66% of these experiencing symptoms.

In most instances the symptoms can be rectified..  The first and most important thing is recognising the problem.  Unfortunately most men do not get help.  They may not even realise that the problem lies with their Testosterone levels.  Speaking to your doctor is the first step, the problem is many men don’t want to seek advice or feel they can’t.

Karen Herbsy MD – a leading endocrinologist based at University of California in San Diego feels that “if more men were able to talk about it with their doctor, they could return to a normal fulfilling life.”  

One problem is that most doctors do not freely offer a testosterone blood test unless you ask, or they feel your symptoms warrant it.

What Are the Symptoms?

Low levels of testosterone tend to begin with slight changes, unlike women when are experiencing the effects of menopause can find that the symptoms are quite noticeable. The symptoms can be so subtle in the beginning that the andropause (the male menopause) can easily be put down to other problems.  Low Testosterone symptoms can include mood swings, reduced muscle mass, tiredness and a lack of libido.

low_testosteroneThere are treatments available including hormone replacement therapy which can be very effective in reducing the effects.

A large percentage of men experience reduced libido or erectile dysfunction..  The problem here is that many men find it very difficult to discuss this issue with their doctor. 

The first step is to realise that your doctor is used to dealing with all kinds of problems.

Your Visit

If you think that you may be suffering the effects of low testosterone, the best way to broach the subject is to simply explain how you have been feeling and the doctor will guide the conversation. Remember be totally honest in order for your doctor to get the full picture.

Feeling Jaded

If your symptoms include lack of energy or lack of concentration, you could begin the conversation with “ I’ve not had much energy lately, I feel tired a lot of the time and find concentrating difficult.. Could I have low testosterone??

No Sex Drive

If you are concerned about erection problems or a lack of libido ( a harder subject to discuss) the direct approach will get it out in the open..  “ I’m not a young as I was, but I seem to have lost my interest in sex and I’m worried that my wife will start to worry” I find when we do have sex I find it hard to keep an erection”.. Could I Be Suffering With Low Testosterone?

It is an embarrassing subject to bring up but asking the doctor to check if their is a problem, such as low testosterone, will put your mind at rest.

Feeling Depressed..

“ My family are worried about my moods and worry that I might be depressed, I feel tired all the time and have no interest in anything.  Could this be a symptom of Low Testosterone?

More Questions You May Want To Ask Your Doctor

  1. Could my symptoms be caused by low testosterone?
  2. What other causes could there be for my symptoms?
  3. How will I benefit from testosterone supplement treatment?
  4. What (if any) are the risks?
  5. Is the treatment ongoing?
  6. Could I benefit from lifestyle changes.. ie healthier diet, exercise?


Getting advice from your doctor is vital..  don’t suffer in silence, if you are suffering the effects of low testosterone you need to address it.  Seeking help will give you back the life you once enjoyed.

Low Testosterone is usually easy to treat..  We hope this information helps you to rediscover your vitality give you back your zest for life…

Learn About The Various Treatment Options Available

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