Jay Cutler Big T Review

Jay Cutler Big T Review

Does Big T From Jay Cutler Work?

Big T is a natural testosterone boosting powder released by former mr Olympia Jay Cutler.. sold as an androgenic testosterone booster it promises that it will help:

  • Improve Muscle Mass and Strengthmain_2524
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve Mood and Energy

Although the product is designed and certainly targeted at bodybuilders, its makers do say that it can help any man of any age who has reduced testosterone levels.

The Formula In Big T

The ingredients are partially disclosed:

Each scoop (one serving) contains

  • Zinc 15mg

and a proprietary blend totalling 1670mg which is made up of undisclosed amounts of

  • L-Aspartic Acid
  • Tumeric
  • Yerba Mate
  • Stinging Nettle

Using Big T

Mix one scoop daily with water and take at the same time each day, its best to take in the morning on a full stomach.

Use for 2 cycles (8 weeks )at a maximum and then have a 4 week break before continuing.

Users Feedback

There are not many reviews available.. the recommended reseller in Australia is GNClivewell and they do not have any reviews at all.

Elsewhere, user reviews are rather mixed, some saying it works and others saying it doesn’t.. so this product is certainly giving off mixed results.

Any Reported Side Effects

We found one reviewer who had terrible stomach problems after using, but overall it seems to be pretty side effect free.

Where To Buy Big T

GNClivewell.au are the recommended stockist in Australia, but it is available from many of the regular sources online.

A months supply will currently cost you $59.99 for a 28 day supply

Any Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts

Jay Cutler is a big name in the body building industry, but this product lets (in our opinion) him down,, its lacking in many of the recognised t-boosting ingredients that we all know and love.. Zinc is the only one with any real proven T-Boosting ability.. Nettle can help regulate SHBG which can control the changing of testosterone into estrogen but apart from that very little else in the mix has any clinical evidence to support it.

There is no evidence pertaining to Yerba and testosterone boosting.. it does have a nootropic effect in that it can help boost concentration and focus but that aside it offers no benefits regarding testosterone

The same applies to L-aspartic acid, we could find no solid clinical evidence that it (unlike its sibling D-aspartic acid) can boost testosterone.

Underpowered and ineffective – look elsewhere

With more questions being asked than answered regarding Big T’s ability to boos testosterone, why not have a look at our recommended testosterone boosters page, these products have been chosen and rated for their impressive formulas and proven results.

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