Military Muscle Low Testosterone Booster Review

Military Muscle – Boosts Testosterone Naturally In All Men

military Muscle reviews australia

Military Muscle is an exciting product indeed, relatively new to the marketplace, it was released just over  year ago by its UK based manufacturer Mil-Tech Pharma.

Originally developed for the military, it has evolved into a quality, all round testosterone booster that will provide a noticeable increase in natural testosterone production in men of all ages.

In the younger man, it can help them to build larger, stronger muscles, boost energy and enhance performance, in the older man ( and I mean those aged 35+) it can help restore the hormonal imbalance caused by the natural reduction in Testosterone experienced by all of us as we start to get older.

The Benefits Of Taking Military Muscle

Military Muscle works to improve the hormonal environment required for our body to increase its natural testosterone production, this brings with it some great benefits:

  • Building Solid Muscle Mass
  • Increasing Strength and Energy Levels
  • Boosting Sexual Response and Libido
  • Speeding Up Recovery After Exercise
  • Improving Mods and Sleep Quality
  • Reducing Levels Of Body Fat

The reason for its effectiveness is the way the formula has been put together.  It’s a clever blend of 11 proven natural ingredients that have solid clinical evidence behind them confirming their ability to not only boost testosterone production, but also help to reduce the all too common problem of excess Estrogen which leads to unwanted body fat, and a reduction in muscle tone, and libido.

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The Full Formula In Military Muscle

military muscle formula

Each and every serving of Military Muscle contains the following:

  • Vitamin D3 99.96 mcg ( approx 4000iu)
  • Vitamine A 257 mcg
  • Vitamin K2 45 mcg
  • Iron 12 mg
  • Zinc 20 mg
  • Nettle Root ( Urtica Dioca) 360 mg
  • Boron 10 mg
  • Ashwagandha 600 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 56 mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300 mg
  • Fenugreek 500 mg

Another plus point is that the makers recently changed their capsules, removing the industry standard standard animal sourced gelatin and now instead make them using plantcaps® which now makes them 100% suitable for vegans

How To Take Military Muscle

The suggested daily serving is 6 capsules per day, the manufacturers recommend taking two capsules with each main meal. Always take with a glass of water to aid and speed absorption.

Taking them sorted through the day provides a steady flow of ingredients throughout the body.

Is Military Muscle Safe To Take?

The all natural formula is unlikely to cause any adverse reactions – There have been no reports of any side effects being caused by taking Military Muscle.

All I would add is that if you are taking long term medication that you discuss with your doctor first before taking this ( or any supplement for that matter) just in case any ingredient have an interaction with your medicine.

What Do Users Say About Military Muscle?

The official website has a number of user based testimonials that all praise it for its effects. All report good improvements in muscle tone, strength and libido

Here are a few courtesy of the official website:

My Own Personal Results

I always try to take a product as part of my review process. As a 60 year old man myself, I have myself experienced the effects of lower testosterone, I had gained a bit of weight, felt constantly lethargic and not particularly interested in sex.

I took this product for a month, and want to share my experiences with you. I didn’t feel too much for the first few days, after about 5 days I did notice an increase in energy levels, and my sleep patterns improved.

Over the following couple of weeks, I started feeling generally better about myself, my energy levels vastly improved and I starting waking up again with morning wood – I hadn’t done that for abut a year.

My muscle tone improved and i noticed that my belly fat had reduced, people started asking me if I had lost weight.

I hadn’t made any other changes in my lifestyle, so it has to be Military Muscle that really made the difference.

Buying Military Muscle In Australia

military muscle website australia

You can buy direct from the official Military Muscle website ( Click Here ) , the makers ship globally FOR FREE.

A bottle containing a months supply will cost you AUD $ 96.47. 

You can save  yourself 10% by buying 2 bottles and get a free months supply when you buy 3 bottles.

Your Money Back

If you buy and try Military Muscle for 90 days, if you are unhappy with the results, you can request a full refund from the manufacturers – see website for terms and conditions

My Conclusion

Someone once said “ Its not what  product was designed to do, Its what it CAN do”

Nothing could sum up Military Muscle better, sure it was developed with the younger, active man in mind, but its formula is perfect for the older man too, its formula is well thought our, cleverly researched and to be blunt – IT JUST WORKS!

The fact that the makers are prepared to give you your money back if it doesn’t work for you says a lot about their faith in the product and their desire for complete customer satisfaction.

I loved it, and have taken the unusual step of buying more!

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