Powerzone Nutrition Red Fuzion Review

Powerzone Nutrition Red Fuzion Review

Just How Good Is This Powder Based T-Booster From Powerzone Nutrition?

Powerzone Nutrition are the guys behind a powder based testosterone booster called Red Fuzion..

Although mainly marketed towards bodybuilders.. it’s formula looks at first glance powerzone-nutrition-red-fuzion.1304556816815like it could actually be quite beneficial to the slightly older man who is suffering the effects of reduced testosterone.. so we decided to have closer look.

The Formula In Red Fuzion

With any supplement the formula is the key to its success or failure…. get it right and you are onto a winner, get them wrong, or simply do not put enough of the key ingredients in the mix and all you will be left with is frustration and disappointment..

Red Fusion contains a fully disclosed formula that is largely built around D-Aspartic acid… a proven and well recognised testosterone boosting compound..

Each serving delivers:

  • D-Aspartic Acid 3000mg
  • l-Carnitine 1500mg
  • Beta-Phenylethamine (PEA) 200mg
  • L-Theanine 100mg
  • Picamilon 100mg
  • Pyritinol 100mg

Directions For Use

Powerzone_Nutrition_Red_Fuzion_-_MRSUPPLEMENT_COM_AUMix one heaped teaspoon of powder with 500mls of water and take 30 minutes before breakfast… repeat mid afternoon, or if you do undertake any exercise take 30 minutes before working out.

Users Feedback

There is a worrying lack of user reviews out there..qute honestly, we couldn’t find any anywhere… This makes it very hard to judge.

Reported Side Effects

There are natural stimulants in the mix, so although there are no reports of any issues.. anybody with an intolerance to stimulants could possibly experience feelings of the shakes or jitters.. if you take too late in the day, it may cause sleeplessness too

Where To Buy

The best source in Australia does appear to be mrsupplement… they sell a tub containing 75 serves for $99.95

They do also offer a cash back guarantee, but there are some terms and conditions, so read before you buy..

Our Thoughts

The lack of user reviews is a concern.. but in these circumstances, we find that a good, in depth look at the formula is a pretty good guide to a products worth..

There is no mistaking the fact that D-aspartic acid is a good and solid t-boosting ingredient, and the facts are that there is a good amount per dose in this supplement..

Picamilon is a blend of Gaba and Niacin.. it is largely been used in Russia as an anti stress ingredient.. and there are ( to our knowledge) no known t-boosting effects linked to it…. the other concern about this ingredient is that it has very limited testing behind it and this has all been carried out on rats and mice… there has been no human testing whatever..

Looking at the other ingredients… Beta-Phenylethamine is rather similar to amphetamine in its actions and is largely used to help with moods, and stress.. it can also provide a euphoric high.. – again no documented t-boosting properties

The other ingredients are a mix of amino acids and stimulants that again, do not really help with any testosterone increases..

Overall… the only clear t-boosting ingredient in the mix is d-aspartic acid.. and although this can provide some good results.. Red Fuzion is lacking virtually all the other common (and clinically recognised) t-boosting ingredients found in many other supplements…. it also fails to provide any anti-estrogen benefits, another crucial point, especially when you are battling low testosterone…

Taking it all into account we 100% suggest that you look elsewhere.

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