Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus Review

Ultimate Nutrition Bulgarian Tribulus Review



Popular male health supplement manufacturers Ultimate Nutrition make a natural testosterone booster aimed at helping both younger guys build muscle mass as well as men over 30 who are suffering the effects of reduced testosterone production.

These symptoms can include:

  • Reduced Sex Drive And Response
  • Poor Muscle Tone and Strength
  • No Energy
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Poor Moods and Concentration

The Formula in Bulgarian Tribulus

The formula contains just 1 ingredient – tribulus terrestris…. it is said that the variety found in Bulgaria is the purest and strongest of its type.

Each capsule contains 750mg of Tribulus Extract ( from fruit and aerial parts)


Take 1 or two tablets a day

Users Feedback

It has to be said that the majority of reviews are poor… very few users actually saw any real benefit from taking this product… a slight increase in energy and libido at best. some users even doubled the dose to 4 capsules a day to see if they could get any effect, sadly for many, all they experienced was disappointment..

sample reviews from Amazon


Any Side Effects

There have been a few reports of users feeling lightheaded and lethargic.

Where To Buy Bulgarian Tribulus Ultimate Nutrition

The two most popular sources in Australia are Amazon and GNClivewell.au… there is a massive range of prices being charged with the cheapest $15.95 to the most expensive $69.95 for 90 capsules.

Any Cash Back Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts

When we were sent this product to review we knew immediately what we were going to find…

There is no doubt that Tribulus Terrestris does have some proven benefits in that it can help provide a mild boost to a flagging libido… as for actually increasing testosterone and helping with any of the other effects surrounding Low T – simply forget it… Numerous clinical trials have been carried out on Tribulus Terrestris in recent years and they have ALL arrived at the same conclusion – Tribulus Terrestris does not boost testosterone – period….

Therefore we cannot recommend that you take this or any product that relies on Tribulus to work.. it doesn’t and you will be seriously wasting your money if you think otherwise.

Of course if a sluggish libido is your only problem, then yes by all means – it could offer some benefits to you, but there are some far better all round natural T-Boosting products out there that will do this and far more…2014-10-22 09.18.32

One of which is Prime Male – a 100% natural testosterone booster that simply oozes good results, its formula is without doubt the best that we have ever encountered and its little wonder that its quickly becoming the product of choice for any man suffering with low testosterone.

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