Testosterone Patches

Testosterone Patches – Risks And Benefits

One of the most popular forms of testosterone therapy are patches.. these are commonly used to treat other conditions such as the menopause in women andmale-birth-control also to help stop smoking.

A Testosterone Patch is basically a sticking plaster impregnated with testosterone, applied to the skin, it works by passing the testosterone through the skin and into the blood stream – a process known as transdermal delivery.

How To Use A Testosterone Patch

The patch should be applied to a clean, dry and preferably hairless part of the skin ( to help with removal) your doctor will advise, but generally the best places to place them are on the stomach, thighs, upper arms and or shoulders.

Do not apply to the scrotum or anywhere near the genitals

You Should Not Use Testosterone Patches If You Are

  • Doing so without medical guidance
  • Female
  • Under 18
  • Have any serious health conditions or allergies – (your doctor will advise)
  • Are clinically obese
  • Have certain cancers including prostate

Testosterone Patches – The Good Stuff

Testosterone patches do have some benefits in that they can help men with low T experience:

  • Better moods and cognitive function
  • Increased energy
  • Improved Sex drive and Erectile function
  • Increased muscle tone and strength
  • Reduced body fat

These patches are available in various strengths, your doctor will decide and should prescribe the correct strength for your needs, this will depend on your blood test readings

The majority of patches are changed daily, but you can get some that last for between 2 and 7 days.

Testosterone Patches – The Bad Stuff

Many users appear to cope well with testosterone patches, however, there have been reports of some users suffering with some or all of the following:

  • Headaches
  • Hairloss
  • Acne
  • Bad, bitter taste in mouth
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Reduced libido

Urgent medical attention should be sought if you develop any of the following:

Breathing difficulties, increased breast size, chest pain, arrhythmia, allergic reactions or any swellings or lumps.

drugs.com detail a complete risk of the possible side effects –

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Our Thoughts

There are many reasons why Testosterone patches can be good for you, and if used under strict medical guidance they should be good news for many men suffering with low testosterone… That said, the risks with these and all other forms of prescription testosterone therapy should not be ignored, the media is packed with reports of users suffering strokes and heart attacks as a direct result of drug based TRT and you should never enter into this form of treatment without medical approval and supervison.

We ourselves are strong advocates of natural testosterone boosters.. for most users, these will work every bit as well, but with minimal (at best) chances of any adverse reactions or health risks.

If you are otherwise fit and well, they do not require a doctors consultation, blood testing, or medical supervision and can be obtained without prescription…

Naturally if you have any health concerns or existing conditions, its always wise to consult with your doctor before taking any natural supplements

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