Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone Pellets – Uses, Effects And Side Effects

With millions of men worldwide suffering the detrimental effects of low testosterone, pharmaceutical companies have tried to develop different methods of treating the problem.

Testosterone Pellets are one such treatment option, they are small hard pellets,PELELTS-IN-HAND1 usually cylindrical in shape and measure on average around 9mm x 3mm.. they are made from crystallised testosterone that gradually disperse into the blood stream.

Using Testosterone Pellets

These are without doubt the most invasive form of drug based TRT, usually under local anaethsetic, your doctor will make a small incision in the skin ( usually somewhere near the hip) and between 1 and 10 pellets are placed under the skin using a surgical device called a trocar… these break down very slowly (usually over a 3-5 month period) delivering a steady release of testosterone into the blood stream.

This may seem like a scary proposition, but for most, the procedure is quick, easy and painless – often taking no longer that 10 minutes to complete.

Testosterone Pellets – The Good Stuff

As with many forms of TRT, users will often benefit from increased energy, improved sex drive and better overall performance, they will usually find that their moods and concentration improve and many men also find that they lose unwanted body fat too.

Implanted Testosterone Pellets mean that you do not have to remember to take pills or apply gels and/or patches daily.

Testosterone Patches – The Bad Stuff

There is a risk of rejection, with the pellets being forced up and out though the skin, running the risk of infection.. this occurs in around 8.3% of all users

As with any testosterone therapy, some users do suffer from well documented unpleasant and even risky side effects that can increase the risk of certain cancers, cause irregular heart rate ( leading in some cases to cardiac arrest and even strokes caused by increased red blood cells.

The procedure will need repeating every few months to replace the pellets as they dissolve and if there is a need to change dose, the pellets will have to be surgically removed and replaced.

Our Thoughts

testopel24-300x169There is no doubt that if used correctly and you don’t (hopefully) suffer any side effects that testosterone pellets can be a useful tool in the fight against low Testosterone, they can provide the patient the freedom to live their lives without the constant need to remember to take pills or apply gels or patches etc

There are still the inherent risks that surround TRT to consider and we do strongly suggest that you consider a natural testosterone supplement first as these are generally every bit as effective and generally work without causing any potentially nasty or even fatal health risks.

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