The Cost Of Testosterone Treatments

How Much Do Testosterone Treatments Cost?

benefits-vs-costsWith much more publicity through TV advertisements telling us about the symptoms of low testosterone. Men have been flocking to their doctor to discuss the problem.

Low T can affect nearly every man to some extent after the age of 30.  The effects can vary and include:

  • Lethargy  – Loss of Energy
  • Reduced Libido
  • Disrupted Sleep
  • Decreased Muscle Tone And Strength
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood Swings

A blood test is usually given to evaluate testosterone levels.  If the levels measure below 300ml/dl you will probably be offered a course of treatment by your doctor.  Levels below the above would be considered low.

What Are The Options

Popular treatments offered by your doctor include:

  • Pills
  • Patches
  • Gels or Creams
  • Injections

The cost for treatments can vary, you can expect to pay for an initial consultation and first treatment will normally cost between $200 and $500.  Further treatments, tests and checkups are probably going to cost around $300 – $600 per month..  Costs will vary clinic to clinic with some charging more.  Some private clinics can charge upwards of $1000 for one course of testosterone injections..

Will I Be Able To Claim On My Medical Insurance

Many Insurers will cover the cost of the initial consultation and diagnosis, however, only a few will actually cover your further treatment costs..  It is advisable to talk to your insurance company before going ahead with a consultation..  You need to be aware of what you are covered for.

What If I Can’t Afford The Treatment

Not everyone is in a position to pay for the treatment..  If you are fortunate enough to have an insurer who will cover you for the full treatment cost always remember to have a full health check before going ahead with the course of treatment..

The reason for this is that some testosterone treatments can cause adverse side effects, in some cases potential very serious health issues.  There are numerous law suits active at the moment on behalf of patients claiming serious health problems have arisen due to, as they claim, manufacturers of some testosterone products failing to disclose the full information on potential risks carried by their products.

These are all associated with prescription treatments that contain actual testosterone.

What Other Option Do I Have

Natural Testosterone boosters are a good alternative to consider.  These products are made up of 100% natural ingredients and as such do not need to be prescribed via a prescription.  There is no actual testosterone included in them.

More About Natural T-Boosters

They work by providing the body with the nutrients and vitamins vital to helping the body to increase its own natural production of testosterone…  The advantage here is that there are no adverse side effects or potential life threatening  problems associated with natural testosterone treatments.

By encouraging the body to increase its own genetic testosterone, there is no health risk unlike prescription treatments.  Another plus to using natural supplements – The costs – Far more affordable and risk free.

Compare the Cost

Prescription treatments can cost from $500-$600  plus each month,  whereas natural testosterone boosting treatments will usually cost no more than $60-$80 per month..  Affordable for most pockets.

The results may take a bit longer – expect to notice the effects after around a week or two, not that long.

Enjoy renewed energy, feel younger, enjoy a better sex life and feel altogether better in yourself.

How To Choose Your Testosterone Boosting Product

Lots To Consider!!!

There are many products on the market today with the majority all promising great things indeed! Many do provide great results, and amazing benefits…  But Beware!!  Some of products on the market are too weak in their formulation to actually make any difference or they use untried and untested ingredients that simply do not work..  Sadly many buyers have found this to their cost..

We have researched many of these natural T-boosting products and after taking all the factors into account have come up with a list of proven natural testosterone boosting supplements that we feel tick all the boxes.

Our list was determined after comparing and reviewing the various :

  • Ingredient Profiles
  • Customer Reviews
  • Clinical Testing/Results
  • Side Effects
  • Money Back Guarantees
  • Price
  • Customer Service

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