The Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

The Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

10 Signs That Could Indicate Low Testosterone

Any man over 30-35 could be suffering the ill effects of low testosterone. Its not 1413_Question-Mark-Photosa problem to be taken lightly..  The side effects can be life changing and include:

  • Lack of Libido/Erection Problems
  • Poor Performance
  • Reduced Muscle Tone
  • Stamina and Energy Levels Reduced
  • Lack of Concentration/ Poor Moods

Low Testosterone levels can impact on all aspects of your life..  for some men the effects can be all consuming, leaving the suffering feeling depressed and unable to enjoy life..

When the levels of testosterone are reduced, health issues can also arise and in some cases lead to life changing and even potentially life threatening illnesses such as – Osteoporosis, Diabetes and even Heart problems (Cardiovascular) and other diseases.

If you suspect your testosterone levels are low, there is a blood test available that can verify whether or not your levels are dropping..  As a guide, before you go to the doctor here are 10 warning signs that could give a good indication as to whether you have low testosterone

The Most Common Signs Of Low Testosterone:

Erection Difficulties – Erections are fuelled by nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels and lets more blood flow into the penis allowing it to become erect,  if the levels are depleted, erection quality suffers..  Nitric oxide needs a good supply of testosterone, so if the levels are reduced the quality and longevity of the erection suffers.

erectile-dysfunctionReduced Sex Drive / Complete Lack Of Libido – Libido is dependant on Testosterone, when the levels are reduced, sex drive decreases.  In some cases the desire for sex diminishes completely – Low testosterone is a main cause of poor sex drive.

Orgasm and Ejaculation – Low levels of testosterone can affect the the amount and quality of semen that is produced.  If you notice you are producing smaller amounts when you ejaculate, Low testosterone could be the reason.

Lack of Energy / Tiredness – Finding yourself tiring easily, even on days when you have done very little is another warning sign of Low T levels.  Although this is not always the case, if you find this becoming a regular problem it would be worth bearing in mind.

Loss Of Sensation – Some men complain of a numbness or lack of stimulation when the scrotum or penis is touched during foreplay…

Feeling Flat – Moods can be affected.. some men have said that they feel down, lack positivity and satisfaction in everything they do..

Lack Of Concentration – If focussing is difficult – Low T could be the culprit.

Weight Gain – Putting weight on, especially around the belly, ia-men-with-their-hands-in-their-pants-funny-pictures-8s particularly frustrating and is a common sign of low T..  When the levels reduce, the female hormone Estrogen increases (not only women produce it) causing an increase in body fat.

Shrinking Down There? – Not something we men want to acknowledge but testicles can feel smaller and softer than usual..  Yes yet another sign of Low T.

Reduced Muscle Tone – One of the more noticeable effects, this can happen alongside strength levels and if you workout, could make them much harder – achieving that sculpted physique could be seriously hampered.

Treatment / What are the options??

If you feel that you may be suffering from Low Testosterone, there are remedies available that can reverse the problem..

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