Treating Low Testosterone

Treatment Options For Low Testosterone

You know that you are suffering with low testosterone… you may well have seen your doctor and have had a confirmed diagnosis after a blood test.

  • So what can you do?
  • What are your options for treatment ?

Natural Testosterone Supplements

Highly popular these days and with very good reason.. a well formulated thumbs-up-guytestosterone supplement will provide all the benefits of drug based therapies without the associated risks.

They are considered safer, and generally less expensive that prescription TRT and can usually be obtained without the need for a consultation or prescription.

Just make sure that you do your research and choose a product with a proven formula.. there are many products out there that use untested ingredients and are potentially worthless..

Do your homework.. or if you prefer let us to do the research for you and check out our recommended t-boosters page, these products have been stringently evaluated and are proven to be both safe and effective

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Testosterone Injectionsinjections-150x150

Quite common, but amongst the most expensive of all treatments.. Testosterone is injected directly into the muscle where it is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream.. This form of treatment requires regular monitoring to ensure that your body is responding correctly

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Testosterone Patchesg-hlt-110805-patch-3p.grid-6x2-150x150

The most common of all low T treatments.. a transdermal patch (like a sticking plaster) that is impregnated with synthetic testosterone is stuck to a clean, hairless part of the skin.. its ingredients are gradual absorbed though the skin and into the bloodstream.

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Testosterone Gelstestosterone_gel-150x150

A very popular and easy to use method… its not without its problems however as secondary exposure to those around you can easily happen by skin to skin contact. this can have an adverse effect on children or your wife/partner

The increase in recent lawsuits has highlighted the possible risks with this form of treatment

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Testosterone PelletsPELELTS-IN-HAND1-150x150

The most invasive form of treatment but also the most long term.. slow real release pellets containing Testosterone are surgically placed under the skin.. this does away with the risk of secondary exposure and/or the need to remember to apply cream or a gel daily.

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Testosterone Pillstestosterone-therapy-fb-150x150

Expensive and not so common these days.. any drug that has to be swallowed needs to pass through the liver which could in a number of cases cause liver problems..other tablets are available that dissolve on the tongue or are put in the socket between the lips and the gums where they readily dissolve, passing the ingredients  into the blood stream..

Pills can be known to cause stomach upsets and other issues

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Testosterone Creamstestosterone-cream-side-effects-800x800-150x150

Similar in the way that are used and also have the potential for side effects as Testosterone Gels.

Still widely used but care needs to be taken when using to avoid secondary exposure

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Recommended Natural Testosterone Boosters
Testosterone Boosters That Really Work

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