Will Eating Vegetable Oils Affect My Testosterone Levels?

Will Eating Vegetable Oils Affect My Testosterone Levels?

Vegetable oils are one of the most common every day food stuffs that we eat.. developed in the early 20th century, the most common types are Rapeseed, Peanut, Soybean, Sunflower, Corn and Safflower…. the oils are extracted by pressing the seeds (nuts) to separate the fibre and the natural oils.. the oils are than bleached and deodorised to provide a purified product…

Most of these oils are very high in fatty acids,(PUFA) with 100g of oil providing around 880 calories, they also provide a large amount of the fatty acid  – Omega 6

Are Vegetable Oils Healthy

There have been studies carried out on vegetable oils that have actually highlighted some health concerns…

With the increase in the use of vegetable oils, along with it has the average intake of Omega 6…. Now Omega 6 is actually pro inflammatory which means that it can (when eaten in charge quantities) lead to a number of inflammatory related diseases that include:

  • I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Certain Cancers

A study in the Journal Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy details this very fact, showing that while Omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory and good at reducing the risk of certain illnesses, on the other hand Omega 6 is likely to promote inflammatory diseases like those listed above..

Fact – Excess Intake Of Vegetable Oils Containing Omega 6 Can Increase Risk Of Inflammatory Disease

Can Vegetable Oils Effect Testosterone Levels

Omega 3 is a common associate of testosterone boosting giant Vitamin D3.. they are often found together in various food stuffs…. However, while Omega 3 has a strong link to testosterone boosting nutrients, the Omega 6 found in vegetable oils is not…

A study published in the Journal Of Applied Physiology reports of a strong link between the amounts of PUFA fats ( vegetable oils) and testosterone levels… It concluded that while many saturated fats actually helped boost testosterone levels in healthy men, the types found in Omega 6 had the opposite effect…

There is also a feeling in the medical community now that excess consumption of vegetable oil could be contributing to the increasing numbers of men with reduced sperm count and poor fertility…. studies have also shown that a high ratio of omega 6 against omega 3 has a negative effect on reproductive tissue.. with tests objects demonstrating reduced sperm volume and motility..

Another study demonstrated that higher sperm counts were associated with reduced Omega 6 intake

Fact – PUFA fats found in vegetable oils will reduce testosterone levels


Its well know that the foods in your diet can have a noticeable effect on your Testosterone levels…

With the increase in the manufacturing and the popularity of vegetable oils at an all time high, and with the clinical evidence demonstrating the links to disease and hormonal changes that we recommend that you reduce or limit your intake of vegetable oils in order to maximise your testosterone levels..

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